Safe-T-Sloop Winner – Best Solution of a WHS Risk

This category requires you to describe an innovated solution to an identified WHS/OHS risk or issue. It can be a newly identified risk or issue (due to change in work activities etc) or it can be a risk or issue previously identified with a new solution that has been implemented.

Nitschke Group Subsidiary BHA Equipment has recently won the 2014 National Safety Awards of Excellence Category for “Best Solution of a WHS Risk”.

BHA Equipment is a South Australian based specialist supplier of engineered drilling solutions and down-hole drilling equipment to the Australian and international oil and gas, mineral and waterwell industries.

With limited options available, the standard method of handling drill pipe and casing on diamond drill rigs is very labour intensive with numerous hazards and risks. This process is well known throughout the industry for the resulting high rate of incidents and injuries to drill crews.

After a number of think tank sessions with industry and contract partners, and extensive research, BHA developed the innovated Safe-T-Sloop™ concept of a fully automated and remotely operated method of presenting and removing drill pipe.

From initial design to testing, then deployment in 2012, the Safe-T-Sloop™ has eliminated the hazards and risks traditionally associated with this task, with the potential to significantly improve industry–wide safety performance of this task on a global scale.